Globe options

Which globe is right for you?

BCS Electrical sells and installs a wide range of light globes and can advise you of the right globe or lamp (as they are sometimes known) for your task.

When choosing a globe some things to consider include:

  • The use – Will the light offered need to be focused (such as over a desk, display area or even the kitchen bench)?  Or is it to light a wider area?
  • Energy efficiency – No-one wants to pay more than they need to for electricity.  Is it a light that will be turned on and off regularly or left on for long periods?
  • Type of lighting – Do you require instant light?  Or is it okay for the light to warm up to offer its full lighting capacity?
  • Fitting – Will the globe fit your existing fitting or will you need another fitting installed?
  • Longevity – How long will the globe last?  Remember that if it is in a difficult to reach light fitting you really want to ensure it has significant longevity.
  • Dimmable or not – Many globes today are not suitable for dimmer or touch lights.  Check the packet for details.
  • Location – Some globes emit heat so it’s important to check the location of your fitting to ensure you are not creating a fire hazard.

What are the options?

Fancy round      Dichroic

GU10      led candle

compact fluoro      LED R80



This is just a selection of the types of globes that are available.  You are advised to speak with the staff at BCS Electrical about your lighting requirements.  BCS Electrical not only sells the globes but also the fittings and can arrange for installation or an assessment of your lighting requirements.